What is ETO Sterilizer?

Ethylene oxide sterilization (ETO) is a chemical process consisting of four primary variables: gas concentration, humidity, temperature and time. Generally ETO used for gas sterilization is mixed with diluents such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen in different proportions from 10 % ETO to 90 % ETO.

Use of ETO Sterilizer

ETO Sterilizer is used for products that cannot resist heat. Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilization is ideally used in medical and pharmaceutical equipments that cannot support conventional high temperature steam sterilization - such as devices that incorporate electronic components, plastic packaging or plastic containers.

Process of ETO Sterilizer

The process of ETO Sterilizer involves three stages

Pre-conditioning: Products need to go through this stage to make micro organisms grow. It is to preheat and humidify product loads to predefined conditions. This will assure a repeatable EO sterilization process regardless of pre-processing load storage conditions

Sterilization: In this stage the required level of ethylene oxide is widely kept open to assure sterility for a device or family of devices

Aeration: Lastly, the products need to go through a degassing phase to remove any particle of ETO

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